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Beyond Expectations

Realm of Thoughts vs Intellectualization

a jewel under the moonlight
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redid my first fic with haehyuk (OTP)~

: Jewel under the Moonlight
Characters: my OTP *evil grin*
Author: -__-
Genre: I do not know O.O
it's a trapCollapse )

A/N: I'm so delusional 
hello umma kamenajin , appa eosinred  and my half sister aznxbabiix76 
my aunts onlyforhyuk nozomi22 shye_rin and monshie09_lj ....
and and...i have a lot of aunts but i only remember four O.O..I'm sorry
and to my most special dongsaeng angelteuki_13 

Imma hide now

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Title: Self-talking isn't a good idea
Author: *________*
Characters: Evil Prince and Bunny
Pairings: KyuMin
Disclaimer: mine...not the characters
 Note: years ago...this is blunt..don't ask

a comeback,no?
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P.S. Writing Fiction is not my line, only doing it as a present.

because he made me laughed so hard
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Invisibility does not mean Inactivity
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Note: Another Evidence of words hating me

To my favorite FanFic writer who can make my nose bleeding while analyzing her use of words





P.S. I'm sorry It's not a family KangTeuk and it's my first time writing fic,I still think being a writer is not my line...and i suddenly ended the story because there's nothing more coming out from my mind..totally failed?! *nervous*

Spacing out
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This is a very touching story,it was posted from one ygroups..I wanted to post it here so i could remember this story that inspired me.

Touching StoryCollapse )

Yesterday was the last day of my duty for this semester,I have mentioned the mood problem regarding my CI but actually this past two weeks of duty until yesterday she was different from the first week i have met her.When i mentioned this to my best friend from the other section,He just said that she,my CI,is really like that and she's really nice,it's just happened that she have this kind of personality (moody).

Honestly Speaking,since last week i rumbled all my letters and word in my mind so whether i'm writing or saying it i ended up mixing it all up,so if you don't understand this post,I'm sorry,i twisted my tongue and even my thoughts.

Thank you Lord for this Day

Healthy again..
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Mystery 6 and Unbelievable OutingCollapse )

OR and DR here they comeCollapse )

Anyway,I'm back..(from where??)from illness to wellness..I had a high grade fever for 2 days during duty and thank God I managed to attend duties and return demo(Post-mortem) even my Temperature reached 39.6C and i was able to ambulate and get V/S of the my client at the temperature of 38.4C..God is good...

Random Question: What gift should i give to a long distant friend?

And i can breath now
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It was done..My Case Study was successfully presented Yesterday.. As expected to the panelists,they were hotblooded as if they wanted to kill or eat us.

Thank you GodCollapse )

I did mention in one community here that i hate Bipolars and Brats.What made me remember that was my CI in one clinical setting..darn,i really hate her attitude!!! i have to control myself (and my group mates too) every Thursday and Friday for 3 weeks or else something really bad might happen...


i just can't manage my time well
yewook anime
I know the fact that God is good and that we are given 24 hours a day but darn i just can't manage my time very well..and for almost 1 week i  can't still have my  sleeping pattern, in fact there were times that i did not sleep at all.

The manuscript is almost done and my group only needs to have a dry run, and 6 days from now we are going to present this case study. We really need to rush everything especially the dry run..What would be  our status in this defense?

As the team leader I need to take all the responsibilities in this project including every move my member make and that makes the pressure increase.

What makes me feel like hitting my head again in the wall is that  my  internet connection is dead again and i still need to revise some parts especially the pathophysiology . I'm only using my friend's laptop

Lead Me Lord..

Something i want to do
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Give me a courage to stand-upCollapse )

It was posted from an online group created by my favorite Lecturer in Psychiatric N.Just wanted to post it here so i could read it anytime.


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